Explore Novel Crystals for Energy Conservation

Satoshi UDA

Satoshi UDA

Research Division:Crystal Chemistry

Education : 1992 Ph.D. ; Stanford University

Experience : 1981-2003 Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
       2003 Professor ; Institute for Materials Research,
       Tohoku University

Use of New Energy &  Energy ConservationDevelopment of almost every functional material
and device used in the area of 'low-carbon society'
has been aided by the research of associated single crystals. This lab is concerned with the
novel approach mainly for the growth from melt
by studying the relationship between the interface dynamics during growth and properties of grown crystals. Si crystals for solar cell use and piezoelectric oxides for a combustion pressure
sensor at high temperature for automobile are being studied with employing the following new growth methods: (1) the fundamental research on the preferential plane development during Si crystal growth and (2) the manipulation of the interface dynamics by the change of the solid-liquid energy relationship by the imposition of an interface-electric field. These approaches will shed new light on the crystal growth that has never been successful. Crystals developed this way will widen an application opportunity in low-carbon society.

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TEL : +81-22-215-2100 / FAX: +81-22-215-2101